Wednesday, November 11, 1998

ABC Turkce

by Ned

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

Words of a Father

A mini diary by a new daddy
By P. Sawyer
Illustrations by Ned

This is a true story about two people experiencing the birth of their first child.
There is Trifa the mother and Paul the father. It is through Paul‘s own words that this story unfolds. Sitting comfortably?
Then we‘ll begin on 14th December, 1997.......

14/12/97 Due date
"Paul. It’s happened!"

Bleary eyed.
Wet bed.
Get the bucket and old towels.
No sign of baby all day?

Return to West Suffolk Hospital to pained, bathing wife... to delivery suite.

Hair pulled, arms pinched.
Don’t do this or that.
Entonex. Pethadine. Epidural.
Oh my God, this is hard. (Probably)


4 midwives, 1 anaesthetist and 6 doctors later, a cesaerean.

I’m afraid.
No witnessing of our arrival.

She came out.
Ten minutes later she was a miracle to me.

"What's her name?"
"Er, not sure yet."

I touched our little baby, looked between her legs and she was a girl. A kiss on her furry forehead, a tear, she was 7lbs 14oz. Surely she should be wrinkled and crying, not beautiful and thoughtful?

Day Two

Visiting after work. Laying eyes on her. Cheshire cats come to mind. A kiss and light sucking of the furry forehead, she loves that. Holding her like a China cup. Wow! I won’t wash this sweater, it has her first sick on it.

Day Three

Hello's for my two darlings. I think she's apprehensive of her first car journey; she probably saw me trying to fit the car seat. Or is it the arctic temperature she’s wary off?

A new venue, few yelps, gimme food, sleep on my shoulder.

Day Four
I haven’t seen Lily or Trifa today.

Only heard of her feeding exploits from her now puffed up mum.

Day Five
Mummy’s not well and upset. Lily is now eating 'for two'. I went to see. Fed her some water for the first time. She was now quiet. Mummy and daddy happy.

Day Six
Visit to The Gilchrist, baby crying before. I witness her first bath time. She has
"no problems" according to 'stern' mid-wife.

Day Seven
Early rise, tidy tidy, light the fire? Everyone far too helpful. Lily and Mummy arrive home 3.00pm.
"Welcome home", fuss fuss fuss - too hot - too cold, unpack this, where’s that. A few friends and family arrive at 4.00pm. A little drink.

Later we both have lots of tears.

In-laws stay
That’s OK

Thank you.

Day Eight
Mid-wife Sally comes to see baby and 'scar'.
Not happy.
GP comes. Not happier.
Refer to Dr.Gull at W.S.H. Not happier still.
Mummy re-admitted, more tears but baby comes too.

Private Room, telly, quiet, warm, no mini-bar.
Bye for now.

Day Nine
Sister tends Lily and feeds her expressed milk.
At 1.30pm under anaesthetic, haematoma removed.
Groggy 4.30pm.
Go to collect dummies, do more washing and washing up, check fire, return at 6.15pm.

A different Mummy greets me whilst munching pizza, soup and ice-cream. Much much better thank God. Happy Family.......nearly.

Day Ten

Phoned Mummy, should be OK to go, baby happy and content.

3.30pm pick up Lily and Trifa to go home.

"Take Two":
Lovely and cosy in new surroundings.
Christmas Eve, long sleepless night, ended up on the sofa, I get a funny hat from her.

A full family Christmas Day. Joanne and co. joined in by telephone!

So you see, it all ended happily. Well, Trifa was left to recuperate for some weeks as they maintained the usual routine of feeding and cleaning Lily, but the emotions endured may never be matched and the love for this new tiny tot will be there for ever.